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Utilize CAD modeling to enhance precision, streamline design iterations, and optimize production processes, ensuring your product's efficiency and functionality.

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What is CAD?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modeling is a transformative digital process revolutionizing product design. Using specialized software, CAD allows engineers and designers to create detailed, three-dimensional virtual representations of products. This enables meticulous exploration of design concepts, precise measurements, and thorough simulations, facilitating rapid prototyping and efficient manufacturing. CAD modeling significantly reduces development time, minimizes errors, and fosters collaboration, ensuring that the final product is not only innovative but also cost-effective and seamlessly aligned with the intended design specifications. Popular CAD softwares are Solidworks and Fusion 360.

SolidWorks logo. AutoDesk Fusion360 logo.

What File Formats are Offered?

    CAD Model Formats:

  • SolidWorks Part

    (.prt, .sldprt)
  • ACIS

  • CATIA Graphics

    (.ai, .psd, .pdf)
  • DWG

  • DXF

  • eDrawings

  • Hoops HSF

  • IGES

  • Microsoft XAML


  • Parasolid

    (.x_t, .x_b)
  • ProE/Creo Part

  • SolidWorks Composer

  • STEP AP203

    (.step, .stp)
  • STEP AP214

    (.step, .stp)
  • STL

  • VRML


    Image and Graphic Formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Portable Network Graphics

  • JPEG

  • TIFF

  • Document Formats:

  • Adobe Portable Document Format

  • 3D/Additive Manufacturing Formats:

  • 3D Manufacturing Format

  • Additive Manufacturing File


Working with ZPM

Zero Point distinguishes itself from conventional CAD-modeling services with a unique and customer-centric approach. Beyond traditional CAD modeling, our services are enriched by crafting models based on your drawings, incorporating a distinctive twist. This exclusive service is seamlessly integrated with the parts we manufacture, emphasizing a comprehensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach. Moreover, our process includes rapid prototyping feedback, ensuring that the design not only meets your specifications but also aligns optimally with efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

The creation of 3D models is a pivotal element in optimizing our quoting engine and supporting our CAM programmers. Zero Point is committed to delivering a seamless production experience by generating accurate and valuable models. It's important to note that ownership of these models rests with Zero Point unless explicitly purchased by the customer.

For a comprehensive understanding of our services and policies, we invite you to review our detailed Terms and Conditions . At Zero Point, we prioritize not only meeting but exceeding our customers' expectations, ensuring a top-notch experience throughout the entire process.

Biggest Advantage

Your Design, Your Production

Having your part manufacturer provide a CAD model offers unparalleled benefits. This integrated service ensures seamless communication between design and production, streamlining the entire process. The manufacturer's expertise guarantees precise alignment of the CAD model with part specifications, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. This collaboration reduces discrepancies, expedites timelines, and presents a cost-effective solution by consolidating design and manufacturing. Trusting your part manufacturer for CAD modeling results in a cohesive and tailored approach, optimizing the production workflow for a more efficient experience.

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